Worlds slowest blog-updater?


When you post as seldom as I do, a lot of things happen between each update. In summary:

- I worked for 3 months in accounting, saving up money so I could travel
- I went to Singapore to look for work
- I started working online, trading stocks in Europe
- I decided not to go back to Europe in 2010

So now I am getting ready to leave Singapore after 2 awesome months here. If things work out the way I think they will, then I will be returning to Singapore at some point, but for now the future is open. I have looked for work and gotten some offers that were not exactly what I wanted. I am currently making more money by doing my own investments online and best of all, I get to be my own boss. So as a Boss, I decided I should go to Indonesia to do what I can to help with the ongoing crisis there.

The combination of things affecting the population in different areas of the country make me unable to sit back and watch it happening on tv. I have never been this close to a disaster area and at the same time had the opportunity to contribute in person.

The details about my contribution there are still uncertain, but most likely it will be in one of the camps for refugees fleeing from the Merapi eruptions. I will once again try to update my blog more often t make it worth reading hehe.

I will also post some pictures eventually :)