Airplane worries

So our trip to Yogyakarta and the Merapi-victims seems to have become even longer after yesterdays major eruption. The biggest one yet seems to have crippled air-traffic not only to and from yogya, but also to and from Jakarta it is uncertain how many planes can get in and out.

Many flights have been canceled and rescheduled, but we have yet to hear anything abut our own flight. Hopefully we will be able to leave Singapore at 19:35 as planned and arrive in Jakarta around 20:15 local time. If you are reading this Nancy: We will text you as soon as we know anything abut time, but I will not allow you to spend all evening waiting for us!

Changi airport has surprisingly little to offer for people who are stuck here. I would at least epect them to have a small hawker centre and where are the cats with short tails? Srsly Changi...!

On a more cheerfull note, our fund-raising dinner and efforts went very well and Stephen Tan Poh Chuen: You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for all your efforts and for beeing a positive force in less than happy times for the region. These funds could never have been raised without your dedication.

I know millions of people read my blog and I know that at least 100 000 of you don't know where to read more about Merapi and the developments in the surrounding area. So in that case, here are some usefull links:

Updated daily, map of camps:

English updates on twitter:

Update on our CS donations:

Ok, time to go hang out at the gate :D More updates soon :)