Last days in Jakarta

Shopping trip number two and packing things part 2 were as hectic, fun and crazy as the first time :D It would definately not have been possible for me to get good prices and keep updated on whats needed without Naomy(with Y, not I!). These are only a few of the many things she has helped us with. Keep reading for more :D

We were also very lucky to once again have the lovely Nancy and her car made vailable to us. Imagine having to fill several cabs with milk(susu), crackers(biskuat) and Nuvo-soap etc. Your donation of both time, money and effort has helped make this all possible :)

The last person who wasn't there, but still contributed greately was Stephen. The money was collected as a result of his great initiative and wilingness to chase me around Singapore to give it to me. And of course all the people who donated, this will truly help people in need. The cute Susu-girls are smiling at you Stephen :D

Ok done with my award-winner-speech. Here is the list for donation-money. See spreadsheet for details. We also shopped for Sahabat Anak so the susu and biskuat was theirs.

7 SGM Drymilk
32 Dancow Drymilk
120 Novo Soapbars
60 SG Toothbrushes
60 Pepsodent Toothpaste
36 Emerson Shampoo

More details at . We went on to pack this and more at the Sahabat Anak centre in Gambir. As you can see they had collected a lot of other packages in addition to ours :)
After a week in Jakarta we are (finally) moving on towards Yogyakarta. First stop seems to be Surakarta for now (also known as Solo apparently..I'm confused). (Picture unrelated):

I have gotten an assignment in Yogyakarta at the Jalin Merapi Basecamp that I hope to get started on as soon as possible. First awaits a long bus-trip with our friends from Sahabat Anak Gambir. The way we have been welcomed into their group and their centre in Gambir has truly been touching and I hope to come back some day and meet the children too. If you haven't heard of Sahabat Anak then I wish you would take a moment to check out their homepage (There is both an Indonesian and English version).

If I ever happen to write "we" in stead of "me" or "I", it is because I have been traveling the last 2 months with my good friend Jan-Petter Janssen. I love pushing him in front of me to make all the salespeople and curious girls go for him while I keep walking undisturbed :) He has also helped cut my living-expenses in half, thereby allowing me to extend my trip far beyond the planned 3 months in Singapore. With this picture that I know you are so proud of, I want to say: Thank You!

(This post was written partly in Jakarta, partly in Solo, partly on the road and partly in Yogyakarta so its pretty messy as I fell asleep writing it last night :D )