The end of summer, the begining of the rest of my life :)

If you don't know me, you can read more about me in my profile. If you feel an urge to learn more about me or about my project, I am always open for questions in the comments section or in my inbox.

I finally decided to start bloggin, but dont expect to find:

- daily updates about my cat

- my lovelife explained

- personal details

This blog is primarily dedicated to the successfull charity-event that I plan to create. I am documenting my progress here mostly for myself, but also I am hoping that you will feel free to contribute with comments and helpfull pointers. I am writing in english to practice my english-skills, but also to include the new brilliant and inspiring people that I have met outside of Norway. I am hoping some of you will feel that you can contribute to the realization of this project even if you cannot attend the actuall event :)

I reserve the right to delete any posts that are unfitting or that I simply dont like :p

Re: The project: Step 1

I wanted to contribute more than I can financially manage, but all that I can physically manage. Meaning that I'm a broke student, but I am willing to dedicate time and effort to get peoples attention and host an event worthy of the cause. this brings us to one of the big issues when creating a charity-event, what cause do you want to support? There are off course an infinate number of good causes. But since this is my idea, I feel that I get to choose what to support...;) I want a cause that means something to me. I dont really feel like I need to explain why these are on my list:

- SIDS(Krybbedød)

- Childrens Cancer (More specifically the childrens ward at our local hospital)

- Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (Kols/LHL)

- The Red Cross (Røde Kors Sør Trøndelag)

As you can see these are quite different causes and the organizations in question have different financial situations, but also different financial needs. For now I would just love to hear some opinions on the choice of cause. I will explain more about the donations, the event and the progress as I move along :)

I cannot make this happen on my own, but with help it could be a great contribution to one of these very deserving causes :)